How To Start Your Day Off Right

Are you considering moving to clean eating but cannot find the time to start? It may be that clean eating sounds like an entire shift of lifestyle, one that requires proper planning and proper initiation. You may be putting it off until you get a few days off from work or when that one big project is over. You will keep looking for reasons to put off change until you realize that you can just break into smaller pieces and integrate it slowly into your life. You will not be asked to change around everything in order to live better and brighter, you need only remember a few things as your guiding principles once you set out on your journey.

One of the most integral things in clean eating is what you choose to eat. We do not mean only meal planning according to the grade school food pyramid. We mean that whatever you eat, and the closer it is to its natural state, the better it is for you. Try steering clear of foods that have been refined, processed, or preserved. It is always better to go natural to gain the nutrients it promises you without the meddling chemicals or preservatives that may take away its natural goodness.

Always read labels.

They give away everything you need to know about the food you are buying. Usually, the more ingredients a product contains, the higher there are chances that the food is processed. Even when you try eating healthy, there is a chance that the products you buy contain preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and colors that make the healthy, unhealthy. Make sure you read the label to be sure that the yogurt you add to your bowl of berries is not what is going to ruin your diet.

Green equals clean.

The simplest trick in eating clean is to remember the eating clean equals to eating greens. You do not need a key that is more complex than this when you are trying to do your bare minimum to jump-start into clean eating. Try your hardest to incorporate leafy greens into whatever you are having for a healthy serving of vitamins A, C, and E. As well as increased fiber which boosts your metabolism by assisting digestion. By filling you up with the least number of calories but the most amount of nutrients, leafy greens allow you to be healthy just by looking out for a certain color of food – surely this is an easy place to start. With as many smoothies and salads out there, leafy greens can always find one or the other to your diet.


We have talked about adding, now let us talk about the omission. One of the simplest things you can omit for maximum effect is artificial sugar. First, recognize all things that contain artificial sweeteners. Drop that can of soda, say no to that candy, and there you go. You are already on your way to clean eating. Watch how your energy stabilizes and your mood is uplifted when you cancel out artificial sugars in your life that play with your blood sugar levels. It’s the step that affects your mind and body both.

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