21 Day

Clean Eating Challenge

Hello dear friends. The holidays are wrapping up, and the new year is rapidly approaching. Regret is settling in and resolutions are in the works. If this year has taught us anything, it's that we cannot keep putting our health at the bottom of the to-do list. 2021 is the year you get to make your health a priority. A year where you strengthen your immune system, heal your gut, and improve your sleep cycle.


We all know too well that resolutions are easily made, but so rarely kept. You need a plan. You need something solid for the days when motivation falls flat, and discipline has to kick in.


That's why I've created a 21-Day Clean Eating Challenge. A jumpstart into the new year if you will.

What's Included in the Challenge:

Let's do this! 

THIS is the year we stop talking and start doing.

I've even taken 15% off the price as a New Year's gift, so that one less thing will be standing in your way. For this challenge only, I will be charging $85. That's just over $4 a day for 21 days. How many of us spend that much daily on a latte from Starbucks?


Save the money you would spend on fast food and coffee and invest it in yourself! You are worth it!



If you are interested in this opportunity, send me a quick "I'm in!" to From there, I will send you an invoice and you can make your commitment official. Here's to 2021!