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Be Healthy,
Be Happy

I'm Bethany,

a Nutrition and Wellness coach.


It starts with simplicity,

I will show you how!

Hello! I’m Bethany Logan. I’m a certified wellness coach, mom of two, and recovering fad dieter. I show women like you how to take control of their diet, get back their confidence, and feel good in their own bodies by simplifying their eating and focusing on whole foods. Sounds simple, right? It is! Knowing where to start is the hard part and that’s where I come in. There is so much noise out there right now telling you what you should and shouldn’t eat. I understand how overwhelming it all can be and how easy would be to just say screw it. But when your health is on the line, that can’t be an option. Ok, so now what? What if I told you there was a way to fuel your body that would leave it feeling healed and satisfied?

This is my mission. 





Before working with Bethany, I was struggling with low energy and just not feeling well. I also needed to lose some weight. Within the first week of changing some of my eating habits, I couldn't believe how much better I felt and how much more energy I had. I would always take a nap in the afternoon. I found myself no longer needing that nap. Over the 6 week period, I also lost 15lbs.  I love working with Bethany and would highly recommend her!  She started out making small changes to my diet such as incorporating  nourishing breakfasts and lunches.  It was doable and not completely overwhelming.  Bethany is so practical and approachable. I can reach out to her about any questions and she always gets back in touch with me.  She is a great coach that truly cares about her clients. She always encourages and motivates! I enjoyed my first six weeks so much that I signed up for another. 

Jena Dotson

Nourish Your Body & Soul